I had the privilege to serve as the chief photographer for 11.President of Republicof Turkey Abdullah Gül between the years of 2012-2016, photographing him daily in his activities at the office, abroad and in his personal life and also led a team of thirteen people, organized all visual documentation of Presidency which were distributed to government offices, press and other institutions.

After graduating from the Journalism Department of Ege University in Turkey in 2000, I started working on news portfolios and photo-interviews for several media institutions, newspapers and magazines between the years 2001-2006. During this period, I covered many important events in the Middle East region and documented many historical events such as the Iraq and Afghanistan war, Israel – Palestine conflict, the civil war in Sudan and devastating Pakistan earthquake in 2005.

Deciding to pursue my career in the USA, I settled in New York in 2006 and had the chance to follow 2008 American elections, which took Barack Obama to presidency as the first African-American. I was also amongst one of the few  photojournalists from Turkey that entered the Guantanamo prison, which became the center of international controversy as individuals were detained and processed by the Guantanamo military commissions. In 2010, I was one of the twelve foreign journalists who was selected by the New York Press Association for a 10-month journalism program on the American education system and wrote many articles; prepared radio news pieces on the issue. In 2011, I participated the International JournalismExchange Program and worked for the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung for two months within the scope of the program. 

When Gul’s term was over in 2014, I immediately started working on a book project; after a year’s preparation, editing process, the first ever presidency book in Turkey, called “A Protocol-990 Days with the President” was published.

Between the yearsof 2014-2016, besides conducting visual content of the 11.Presidency, I became the press advisory to the 11.President Mr.Gul. During these years I also workedas a curator for President Abdullah Gul Museum and Library, which is the first presidency museum in Turkey.

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